Temporary States: Welcome to the Garden

This summer GRIDSPACE goes outside — becoming an open field dependent on human interaction for survival. Each of the 12 cubicles in the grid contain independent categories for exchange that are both physical and metaphorical.
Welcome to the Garden offers and hopes to receive gifts of growing matter to and from the public. As a form of potential growth, decomposition is also of value.
Participants may bring everything from flower vases, compostable materials, fresh or rotting produce, sprouting seedlings, insects etc.
The grid is outdoors, the gate is always open and the public is free to tend to and harvest from the garden at will. There is an accessible logbook that we hope will be used for observations and as a record of additions and subtractions to the garden.
Welcome to the Garden is a summertime experiment to see how passerby will react to an open invitation to nurture and share food, flowers and soil in our urban environment.

Welcome to the Garden is open 24/7 through Labor Day.